New Line Takes on Ex Machina

New Line Cinema has picked up the rights to the critically acclaimed comic book Ex Machina by creators Brian Vaughan and Tony Harris, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Set in our modern-day real world, Ex Machina tells the story of civil engineer and lifelong comics fan Mitchell Hundred, who becomes America’s first living, breathing superhero after a strange accident gives him amazing powers. Eventually tiring of risking his life merely to help maintain the status quo, Mitchell retires from masked crimefighting and runs for Mayor of New York City, winning by a landslide.

Set days after Mayor Hundred’s inauguration, the comic reveals the origin of the Mayor’s super-heroic alter ego, as well as the shocking event that inspired him to put on his jetpack one last time. What dark secret is Mitchell Hundred hiding, and how far are his political opponents willing to go to expose it?

Two versions of the script are being prepared, the trade says. As part of the deal, Vaughan is writing one version, while Glen Brunswick, co-creator of comic book “The Gray Area” with famed artist John Romita Jr., will write an adaptation as well. Brunswick also is attached in a production capacity.

Vaughn previously set up Y The Last Man, created with artist Pia Guerra, at New Line with David Goyer producing.

Visit the official Ex Machina website for more info.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter