New Details Emerge About Y: The Last Man’s Cancellation

Y: The Last Man showrunner Eliza Clark dropped a bombshell over the weekend when she announced that the series would not be getting a second season on FX on Hulu. The news was a crushing blow to fans of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s original comic, many of whom waited more than 10 years for an adaptation to materialize. But it sounds like FX’s decision had nothing to do with viewership numbers. A new piece from The Hollywood Reporter sheds new light on Y: The Last Man‘s cancellation.

As THR notes, the series’ cancellation was somewhat out of character for an FX show. The network “rarely” cancels its scripted shows and usually announces final seasons well in advance. But in the case of Y, there were still three episodes left in season 1 by the time they delivered the ax. And apparently, the series’ fate boiled down to financial concerns.

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The show’s road to live-action wasn’t an easy one. Over a five-year period, the project hit one speed bump after another, including a showrunner change and multiple recastings that necessitated several reshoots. Last year’s COVID-19 outbreak postponed filming even further. Because of all the delays, FX needed to extend the options of its cast members, which added up even though the series came in under its budget of $8.5 million per episode.

Last month, Clark pitched FX a second season of the show. But in the end, executives declined to pay the $3 million it would have cost to extend its cast options. These options expired on October 15, and the network needed to make a decision about the series’ future by then.

Regardless, Clark still hasn’t given up hope on continuing Yorick Brown’s story. THR’s sources claim that HBO Max is the best chance that Y has for a potential second season. That’s because HBO Max’s parent company, WarnerMedia, owns DC Comics, whose Vertigo imprint published the comic from 2002-2008.

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