Sneak Peek at Painkiller Jane

Sneak Peek has sent us this early look at the Painkiller Jane television pilot:

Emmanuelle Vaugier stars as “Painkiller Jane”, in a two-hour TV MOW for the Sci Fi Channel, NBC Universal TV and MGM TV, now in post-production following a winter location shoot in Vancouver.

“Painkiller Jane” is based on the Event Comics series, focusing on ‘Jane Browning’ (Vaugier), who acquires self-healing powers after exposure to a bio-chemical weapon.

On the run from an organization determined to ‘replicate’ her abilities, Jane hooks up with a group of unlikely misfits and allies, developing her new talents as a crime-fighting agent.

Sanford “The O.C.” Bookstaver directs from a screenplay by John “Children Of The Dune” Harrison, Greg Gold and Don Opper.

Sci-Fi Channel broadcast date TBA.

For a picture of Vaugier as Painkiller Jane, visit the link above.

Source: Sneak Peek