Cliffjumper Comes to the Rescue in Transformers #4 Sneak Peek

Skybound Entertainment has shared a sneak peek at the upcoming fourth issue of Daniel Warren Johnson’s Transformers.

Written and illustrated by Johnson and colored by Mike Spicer, Transformers #4 is due to hit shelves this coming January. The issue features a main cover by Johnson and Spicer, as well as a wraparound variant cover by Jonboy Meyers, a connecting variant by Orlando Arocena, a variant by Sanford Greene, and a spoiler variant by Andrea Milana and Annalisa Leoni. In addition to the covers, Skybound has shared four fully-lettered preview pages from Transformers #4. In these pages, the villainous Starscream pounces on a battle-damaged Optimus Prime, who is carrying a badly-injured Spike Witwicky. Fortunately, Carly and Cliffjumper are on hand to make the save.

Check out the sneak peek at Transformers #4 below:

Skybound’s Transformers saga continues

An official synopsis for Transformers #4 reads as follows: “When the Decepticons attack the Autobots at their weakest moment, an unlikely new hero joins the battle! With human and Transformer robots lives at stake, can Optimus Prime unlock the true power behind the Matrix of Leadership to save them both?”

Johnson’s Transformers series is part of Skybound and Image Comics‘ new Energon Universe. Skybound recently acquired the publishing rights to Transformers and G.I. Joe (both of which are Hasbro properties). The Energon Universe began when the Autobot known as Jetfire made a surprise appearance in Image and Skybound’s Void Rivals #1 back in June. The companies’ Transformers relaunch followed suit in October. Two issues have hit shelves at the time of writing, with issue #3 due to arrive next Wednesday, December 6.

The Energon Universe also expands in December with the launch of Duke, which is part of Image and Skybound’s new G.I. Joe line. This continue in January with the launch of Cobra Commander.

Transformers #4 goes on sale January 10, 2024 from Image Comics.