Joan Allen Up for Watchmen?

IGN Filmforce has learned that Joan Allen may be part of Paul Greengrass’ Watchmen cast. Allen previously teamed-up with the director for hit sequel “The Bourne Supremacy”:

We heard a rumor that Oscar-nominated actress Joan Allen – who appeared in The Bourne Supremacy as shady government operative Pamela Landy – might portray Sally Jupiter (a.k.a. The Silk Spectre I) in Watchmen.

For those unfamiliar with the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons comic book, Sally Juspeczyk (she later changed her surname to Jupiter) was the mother of Laurie Jupiter. Both women fought crime under the guise of The Silk Spectre. Sally’s relationship with the slain Comedian (Edward Blake) is a key subplot in both the comic and the screenplay adaptation by David Hayter.

Read more about the possible casting at the link above. Thanks to ‘Stax’ for the heads up.

Source: IGN Filmforce