Stan Lee Turning Celebrities into Superheroes?

Video Store Magazine reports that Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and Celebrities in Action will turn celebrities into animated superheroes.

The two companies — POW! Entertainment, which was founded by legendary writer Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame, and the entertainment company Celebrities in Action — will work together to develop feature films, direct-to-DVD titles, consumer products, books, clothes and video games involving “about 25 characters,” according to Celebrities in Action consultant Chris Nassif.

“What a kick it is to be tackling a project as original and unique as creating new personas and storylines for actual, world-famous celebrities,” Lee said. “And what a challenge! Imagine making superheroes of people who are already superheroes.”

The trade says that exactly which celebrities will participate is still up in the air. Thanks to ‘DevilDare’ for the heads up.

Source: DevilDare