Warner Bros. Addresses FAN FILMS

As many of you know Fan Films were not screened this year at Comic-Con. The reason was simple, WB felt that because of the fan film use of copyrighted characters that Comic-Con by charging admission to attended the festivities and because the fan films were hosted by CON (for free) that this was more a less a “technical” legal violation of copyright law. Thus all fan films were removed from COMIC CON.

Below is the most recent statement from Warner’s on the subject and state of fan films.

At this time, neither Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. nor DC Comics (collectively Warner Bros.) is prepared to launch a fan film program, which would be solely, or in part, managed by Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. definitely appreciates the enthusiasm and respect of its fans. We will continue to monitor the use of Warner Bros. properties as used in fan films. However, we will only consider taking action against such films that are either commercial in nature, are commercially exploited or otherwise engage in or depict inappropriate activity. Further, we will try to work with the comic book conventions, such as Comic-Con, to develop fan film screening programs that do not conflict with Warner Bros. rights in its properties.

Well there you go. Maybe WB could take a cue from Lucasfilm and embrace the fan film community.

Thanks to Aaron at Bat In The Sun Productions.

Source: BatInTheSun