Alien vs. Predator Popcorn Bags in Theaters

‘Tyler Rex’ says that 20th Century Fox is doing some nice promos for Alien vs. Predator already…

I’m not sure if this constitutes as news enough for you guys to post but in any event here it is: after coming home from the movies my brother brought home his left over popcorn in an Alien vs Predator popcorn bag. I’m not sure if this is theater specific to Hoyts or what.

I wish I had a camera to show you guys, but basically the two large sides are the same as the posters. One half Pred mask, the other hal alien face. The other sides just have the AvP logo. It’s not a new image or anything but it is a kinda cool bag.

Be sure to watch out for these in your theaters. “AVP” hits theaters on August 13.

Source: Tyler Rex