Mike Allred Talks Madman Movie

Mike Allred talked to Newsarama about both his comics and the movie adaptation of Madman, which is in pre-production and will be directed by Robert Rodriguez, who is currently working on an adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City.

“So, at this time George Huang, a long time friend of Robert’s and writer-director of the indy hit Swimming With Sharks is writing the Madman treatment based on the outline Robert and I put together. So, when that’s approved we kick into the screenplay and if approved shoot the movie. We already have our Frank “Madman” Einstein; He’s star of 2003’s biggest money maker. I’m pretty sure it was the biggest box office flick (that should get a few tongues wagging). So, it either happens or it doesn’t. It seems to me this is just gonna be one of those projects that just take a long time to hit the big screen. Keep in mind I was first approached about making a low-budget Madman movie right out of the gate in 1992. It should be obvious why I stopped holding my breath. But when I’m called on–just try to hold me back!”

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Source: Newsarama