ET to Go Behind the Sin City Scenes!

‘Caz’ alerted us that Entertainment Tonight goes behind-the-scenes tonight…

Entertainment Tonight will be showing behind the scene footage of Sin City tonight (5-19-04). Last night they show some footage of Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis at work. Bruce Willis was shooting a scene where he gets out of a car, puts out a gun and takes aim. Jessica Alba was wearing a very sexy cowgirl outfit and was dancing.

You can check out the first pics from the set at the link above where Robert Rodriguez also says…

“This is the first time a graphic novel will be treated with absolute respect in how it is brought to life,” says Rodriguez, who pitched the idea to Miller of “translating” rather than adapting his story to the big screen. “If you look at [Miller’s] books, you see that in a way they are already the best written, shot and directed ‘movies’ never seen in a theater.”

Source: Caz