Go Behind the Scenes of The Last of Us in a New Featurette

HBO is kicking off 2023 on a high note with the arrival of The Last of Us. The highly-anticipated series is based on one of the most beloved video games from Naughty Dog. With the premiere date approaching, HBO is inviting fans behind the scenes with an exclusive look at The Last of Us.

The featurette includes interviews with stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, along with co-creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann. The Last of Us takes place approximately 20 years after the Cordyceps virus triggered a catastrophic outbreak, plunging the United States into post-apocalyptic chaos. The infection stems from a poisonous fungus that affects the brain, causing its victims to mutate into aggressive creatures who look to bite and eat any human they find.

At the heart of the story is Joel (Pascal), a tormented survivor who grapples with the loss of his daughter, Sarah (Nico Parker). Mazin calls him a “broken man” as a bloody Joel is seen cradling his daughter’s body in the footage. Pascal describes Sarah’s death as “the event that shapes the character.” Joel, now a smuggler, is tasked with transporting 14-year-old Ellie (Ramsey) across the country to a military group. Ellie may be the last hope for humanity as her immunity to the virus could be the key to creating a vaccine.

The creators are well aware that adapting a video game can be challenging, especially one so critically acclaimed. However, both Mazin and Druckmann have made it clear that they will keep the ending intact and will only adapt the stories told in the games. Ramsey calls this attention to detail “incredible” as the series channels the spirit of the game.

Ultimately, The Last of Us is a survival show as Joel and Bella attempt to evade the infected on their cross-country journey. The footage teases intense shootouts, roaring fires, and a lot of traveling across different terrains. This chaos comes together to form a series that Mazin calls “beautiful, terrifying, but ultimately, enlightening.”

The Last of Us premieres on January 15 on HBO.

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