An Update on the 30 Days of Night Adaptation

The Anchorage Press has a great article about Steve Niles’ 30 Days of Night comics and the upcoming film. Here’s a few clips which talk about the status of the big screen project…

Sam Raimi of Spider-Man fame has plans to produce the film version of 30 Days of Night. Raimi, a big a horror flick fan, proved his chops in the genre when he created the classic, campy Evil Dead. Around the time he was directing Spider-Man, Raimi launched Ghost House, a production company strictly dedicated to producing scary movies.

Filming of 30 Days of Night is at least a year away, probably longer, said Sue Binder, business manager of Ghost House. The production company plans to release three other movies before 30 Days of Night, she said. Meantime, Sony-owned Columbia Pictures is in the process of acquiring a script after passing on a screenplay Niles wrote last year. Niles said he’s heard one of Sony’s big guns is rewriting his script.

In a press release, Joe Drake, an entertainment industry veteran, said Raimi’s 30 Days of Night is on track to hitting the big screen. Drake heads Senator International, which does financing, production and distribution of feature films. He said Columbia Pictures plans to handle 30 Days of Night’s North American distribution. “With Columbia committed to moving this picture forward, we have all the elements in place to produce an original horror classic,” Drake said. A spokesman for Drake’s company said the film might be shot in Alaska, although it’s too early to tell.

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Source: The Anchorage Press