Wizard #150 Superhero Movie Content & 3 of the 4 Covers!

Wizard magazine has just sent Superhero Hype! an update about its massive superhero movie coverage in their 150th issue. The following is what will be included and you’ll also find three of the four covers below (a fourth, featuring Tobey Maguire, will be available Wednesday)…


Wizard 150 is THE place for the latest info on upcoming comic book movie coverage

Get ready for the movie event of the decade. Wizard #150, on sale at comic shops Wednesday, Feb. 25, celebrates the biggest year in comic movies history with 50 pages of coverage about upcoming films. With its extensive Hollywood contacts and ability to secure access you can’t find anywhere else, Wizard gives you the inside scoop on a host of projects, including “Spider-Man 2,” “Hellboy,” “The Punisher,” “Hellboy,” “Catwoman,” “X3,” “Batman,” “Superman,” “Constantine,” “Blade III,” “Iron Man,” “30 Days of Night,” “Deathlok,” “Elektra,” “Fantastic Four,” “Ghost Rider,” “G.I. Joe,” “Hulk 2,” “Namor,” “Luke Cage” and many more.

But it’s so much more than just basic rundowns on each project. Here is just a sneak peek of what Wizard gives you that no one else can.

– SPIDER-MAN 2: An exclusive interview with Spidey star Tobey Maguire. “This movie has a better story, a better script. To me, we have a better villain. Cinematically, I think Doc Ock’s just a cooler villain. That’s no knock on [Green Goblin actor] Willem [Dafoe]; I think he did a great job. I just think I like Doc Ock better.”

– X-MEN 3: With an eye on X3, and a possible X4 filmed at the same time, director Bryan Singer reveals his secret plans for the X-Men film franchise only to us!

– BATMAN INTIMIDATION: Screenwriter David Goyer gives the inside scoop on the secrecy behind the next Bat-film and offers up the bribes he’s been offered to reveal the top secret villain!

– HELLBOY: An on-set diary written for Wizard by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola from the Prague set of the film. Listen to Mignola recount his time gazing at his creation come to life, “Ron [Perlman] is perfect as Hellboy, as Del Toro and I always knew he would be. He seems so natural, the way he talks, the way he moves and the way he smokes a cigar.”

– PUNISHER: With this movie locked and loaded for April, we scope out the arsenal of weapons (from the M4 assault rifle to compound bows to even his skull T-Shirt!) that represents Tom Jane’s addiction. “The skull means two things. It means if you see me coming, I’m the angel of death. It also means I’m dead, which makes me extremely dangerous.”

– CATWOMAN. Check out a super hot Halle Berry being shown off in exclusive movie images including the debut photo of Catwoman’s origin!

– BLADE III: After dissecting the first two films, Wesley Snipes vamps up the ass-kicking action in Blade III and we have an exclusive interview with the bloodsucker himself!

– CONSTANTINE: In his first post-“Matrix” action role and this exclusive Q&A on set of the upcoming “Constantine” movie, Keanu Reeves goes to hell and back to find the soul of his character John Constantine. “I liked his anger. As an actor, it’s fun to play someone who is wounded but fighting. I like his never-give-up attitude and I like his humor, kind of gallows humor.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Marvel’s head honcho Avi Arad dishes on Marvel’s next wave of upcoming movies! Screenwriters Al Gough and Miles Millar (“Smallville”) iron out and hold up for us the details of their newest script “Iron Man.” We rank the Top 20 Hottest Comic Book Movie Babes and just wait till you see the pictures! PLUS: Get a complete look at the next Superman movie’s development/casting rumblings!

Source: Wizard