Ben Stein Returns for The Son of the Mask

It looks like Ben Stein will reprise his Dr. Arthur Neuman role from 1994’s The Mask in the follow-up. ‘Spidey33’ reports…

I attend the University of Califonia, Davis and our school paper reports that actor Ben Stein (of Win Ben Stein’s Money) was scheduled to speak on campus today, but had to “push back the date due to his schedule for his role in the film sequel to the 1994 movie The Mask.” He is filming in Australia right now and will come speak on campus on Feb. 20. I will try to go and see if I can get some info from him about the film. Just thought this might be some Hype.

In The Son of the Mask, in theaters October 15, the Mask of Loki finds its way into the hands of aspiring cartoonist Tim Avery’s (Jamie Kennedy) infant son. As the power of the Mask transforms him, the unthinkable becomes not only possible, but mind-bogglingly real.

Source: Spidey33