Here’s Jamie Kennedy as The Mask!

Scooper ‘ErasmusDarwinian’ sent this scan from the Daily Telegraph Australia which shows both Jamie Kennedy and the car from New Line’s The Son of the Mask, due out next February. Alan Cumming also stars.

In the sequel to the 1994 hit, the Mask of Loki finds its way into the hands of aspiring cartoonist Tim Avery’s (Kennedy) infant son. As the power of the Mask transforms him, the unthinkable becomes not only possible, but mind-bogglingly real. The article says the following:

It’s a rare sight to see a flame-spitting, hotted-up Monaro roaring through Sydney’s CBD. But early yesterday morning a purple and gold reve machine was scorching a band of police cars with a 2m-long flame as they screamed it along Pitt St. And then someone shouted: “Cut.” Sydney’s latest taste of Hollywood action is Son of Mask – the $80 million sequel to the 1994 blockbuster, The Mask which made Jim Carrey’s career. From 6:30pm on Monday, the intersection of Pitt and Hunter St. was transformed into a bustling New York City street, complete with yellow cabs and USA number plates on all parked cars.

Source: ErasmusDarwinian