Would Pixar Bring Marvel’s Characters to Life?

The Hollywood Reporter has up an interesting interview with Marvel vice chairman Peter Cunio who says they have met with Pixar. Pixar will only work with Disney on two more films, The Incredibles and “Cars”. After that they will be looking to other companies to make films with.

In terms of Pixar — which announced last week that it was talking to other studios after breaking off negotiations to re-up with Disney — Cunio said it was too early to tell whether the company might do business with Marvel.

“Pixar until very recently has been committed to creating their own characters,” Cunio said. “Will their strategy change now? I don’t know. It’s possible.”

The goal for Marvel is to have 15 “James Bond-type” franchises going at any given time in filmed entertainment and in licensing, Cunio said. He said that with that many longterm franchises active at once with various studios, there would be a “cushion” for those years when there wasn’t a big hit film based on a Marvel character.

Sounds like a lot of work!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter