Imogen Bailey on the Man-Thing Movie

The Sunday Tasmanian talked to Sydney popstar Imogen Bailey who will soon be seen in Man-Thing

The 155cm-tall bikini model for men’s magazines FHM and Ralph is also awaiting the release of her first movie, Man-Thing, a horror flick filmed in Sydney.

It will be the first big-screen appearance for Bailey, 25. The film, the latest to be based on a Marvel Comics character, was shot mainly at Homebush, where a huge swamp was built.

Although contractual obligations prevented Bailey revealing too much about the film, she said it had been “a lot of fun” to work on. “Acting feels like a glove that fits – I really enjoyed it,” she said. “Working with the director, Brett Leonard (The Lawnmower Man), was fantastic. I learnt a lot from him.”

Man-Thing is described as a frightening creature movie in the tradition of the classic thrillers Alien and Jaws. The plot centres on an oil baron who drills oil wells in a sacred Indian swamp and awakens the mystical monster, who is the soul and spirit of the swamp. When the monster rises from the depths of the swamp, seeking revenge, a string of deaths follows.

Bailey joins an all-Australian cast including Jack Thompson, his son, Ground Force carpenter Patrick, and Steve Bastoni.

Source: Sunday Tasmanian