Man-Thing Updates Around the Web

‘Robert’ has sent Superhero Hype! some updates from around the web about Marvel Studios’ low-budget Man-Thing. It’s still unclear whether the Lions Gate release is headed to theaters or straight-to-DVD/Video.

Fangoria watched a screening of Man Thing at the recent American Film Market. Click here and scroll down to check out their short review (with one minor spoiler).

Make-Up Effects Group talk about their on their work on the film:

A popular 1950’s Marvel comic with a strong cult following, Man Thing is the new feature film version from director Brett Leonard, who brought us Lawnmower Man and Virtuosity. M.E.G. created the “Man Thing” Creature Suit as well as all the Special Make-up Effects. Stay tuned… more to come soon!

Rising Sun Pictures (Sky Captain, Return of the King) have also some published details on their work:

Man Thing is a Marvel Comics film with a difference. This is horror at its classic best! Director Brett Leonard [Virtuosity, Lawnmower Man] has teamed up with Aussie DP Steve Arnold to create a vision of the Southern Swamplands that will leave audiences breathless, and perched firmly on the edge of their seats.

For the creature itself, experienced model-makers Makeup Effects Group [Matrix Trilogy] sculpted a ten foot tall beast with attitude, and the visual effects team of Rising Sun Pictures and the Lab Sydney, led by VFX Supervisor Tony Clark, took it to the next level of heart stopping terror. You’ll have to wait until 2005 to see just how cool this inter-dimensional spirit of vengeance is – until then, don’t go walking in the swamp at night….

Sydney based company The Lab on their work:

Feature Film: “Man Thing: Nature of Fear”

Post: The Lab, Sydney

Director: Brett Leonard

Three months of Shake and Flame work on feature film at 2K. 3D tentacles were composited behind the live action creature suit and gore effects were created of tentacles puncturing bodies, dismemberments and blood sprays. Was heavily involved in setting up the calibration and pipeline workflow for this job. This film is released in cinemas October 2004.

More details can be found here.

Roger Mason composed the score for the film (details here) in Australia. You can listen to a clip of that score here!

From musician Jody Raffoul’s official website:

The Like A Star album ending track, “Dead Man Walking”, has been selected to be included in the opening sequence for the upcoming Artisan Entertainment feature film, “The Man Thing”. The film, scheduled to be released on Halloween of this year, is another adaptation of a Marvel Comics character in the same vein (and from the same producers) as “Spiderman”, “The Hulk” and others.

Source: Robert