Man-Thing Set Locations Revealed

The Daily Telegraph has received word on where Man-Thing is filming, plus talks about Son of the Mask.

Man Thing, the latest film based on a Marvel Comics character, is shooting in Sydney, including some scenes at the new Serenity Cove Studios at Kurnell, while the sequel to The Mask, Son of the Mask, is one of the two international films to follow Star Wars Episode III into Fox Studios at Moore Park.

Not that Man Thing is using any studios at the new Kurnell complex. The site’s sound stages won’t be ready until March next year.

The film, directed by Virtuosity’s Brett Leonard, is using some wooded areas on site that look like Louisiana swampland. The low-budget film has also been shot at Wisemans Ferry and will use an oyster farm next week before moving to an indoor swamp constructed at Homebush’s Waterfront Studios.

Man Thing has an all-Australian cast including NIDA graduate Matt Le Nevez, Jack Thompson, newcomer Rachael Taylor, Steve Bastoni, Robert Mammone, William Zappa, Ian Bliss, Imogen Bailey and Mark Stevens, a seven-foot actor who plays the nine-foot lead character.

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Source: The Daily Telegraph