Tanguy and Laverdure Coming to the Big Screen

Brazilian website Universo HQ is reporting that the international comic book Tanguy and Laverdure will be made into a feature film. ‘Cristian Madsen’ was cool enough to write up a translation of the article for us.

Another comic book series is being adapted for the cinema. This time, it will be characters Tanguy and Laverdure’s turn.

Less known in Brazil (and certainly in US as well), they were created in 1959, in the first issue of magazine Pilote (one of the most traditional in the world) by two masters of the European comic books: writer Jen-Michel Charlier, creator of cowboy Blueberry (along with Jean “Moebius” Giraud) and other pilot, Buck Danny; and the drawings were created by Albert Uderzo, who would create, in the same year, the famous Asterix, along with René Goscinny,

Filming should start on May 2004, directed by Gerard Pirés and with help of the France Air Force, The budget is 20 million Euros.

The script will be written by Gille Malençon, responsible for the adaptation of another European comic book classic, racing pilot Michael Vaillant.

Michel Tanguy and Ernest Laverdure are France Air Force pilots. Inseparable friends, they are always involved in adventures and international conspiracies. In the comic books, the several jet planes are pictured with extreme accuracy and the air battles make the reader breathless.

Since Charlier was a pilot, the text is filled with aeronautical terminology. After replacing the responsible for the drawings a few times, Tanguy and Laverdure was interrupted in 1989, with the death of Charlier.

In 1967,the pair got a TV series in France, Les Chevaliers du Ciel, with Jacques Santi e Christian Marin as Tanguy e Laverdure, respectively.

The pilots would return to French TV from 1988 to 1990. During this period, Tanguy was interpreted by two actors, Christian Vadim and Marc Maury, and Laverdure was interpreted by Thierry Redler.

Portuguese editor Meribérica published 7 albums in Portuguese (the translation of the titles from Portuguese is my responsibility. I don’t know if they were published in English with other titles): Cranes’ Squad, Mirages to the East, The Mysterious Delta Squad, Operation: Thunder, Flight Plan to Hell, Pilots School and For the Medals’ Honour.

Check out the link above for the original article and comic book covers.

Source: Cristian Madsen