Groo the Wanderer Heads for the Big Screen

‘Spence’ alerted us that Mark Evanier posted the following on his official website:

Some time in the next day or three, Variety and/or Hollywood Reporter should run the news that Sergio Aragonés and I have sold the motion picture rights to our silly comic book character, Groo the Wanderer. We’ve made a deal with a company called I.P.W. that seems to us trustworthy and eager to do right by the property. In the 23 years Groo has been around, we have been approached over and over with offers but never with one we felt we could accept. There were a couple that fell apart because the producers were having internal problems…and in one case, a key player in the deal died suddenly, ending what could have been a very interesting adaptation. At other times, we’ve been offered contracts that were either woefully deficient in the cash department or, worse, in the category of Creative Control.

For more of Mark’s note, hit the link above. You can learn more about Groo the Wanderer at this link.

Source: Spence