Buck Rogers is Coming to the Big Screen

Do they, or don’t they have the rights? Nu Image/Millennium Films told IGN that no deal is in place yet, but now Variety says that Nu Image/Millennium Films has acquired film rights to “Buck Rogers,” and will develop a live-action feature about the venerable pilot who awakens in the 25th Century and battles evil.

IGN also reported that Sin City and The Spirit director Frank Miller was attached to helm the pic, but the company later told them “they are still mulling over director contenders.”

Buck Rogers has enjoyed incarnations in books, comic strips, movies, radio and television, a run that began in the 1920s. That included a feature serial from Universal in 1939 that starred Buster Crabbe, and a short-lived NBC series that starred Gil Gerard.

Nu Image/Millennium will search for a studio partner, just the way it did after gaining the movie rights from Paradox Entertainment to “Conan,” which is now being developed with Lionsgate.

Source: Variety, IGN