Alien vs. Predator Story Details!!

The J-MAN sends us this tidbit about the upcoming Alien vs. Predator film… Be warned there are spoilers!

This past weekend I attended the LA Comic Book Convention. There was a short video presentation on the upcoming Alien vs. Predator, the presentation included a 10-minute short with the director (Paul Anderson) where he were showed storyboards, and tons of production illustrations from the film. The film we were told starts shooting in Prague next week.

Anderson described some of the artwork and hinted at the plot of the film. He told us the film opens 500 years ago at an Aztec temple… we are told the temples throughout the world were created for the purpose of welcoming “aliens” to earth… and a team of teenaged Predators are at the temple for a “becoming a man” ritual, where if they survive a host of deadly Aliens they will become men, well PREDATORS…

Well everything goes wrong and the three Predators face literally an army of thousands of aliens at the temple and faced with certain death they activate their self-destructs, completely destroying the aliens, the temple and any of the local inhabitants. Guess know we know now what happened to the Aztecs!

Fast forward to the present day as a band of scientists in the Arctic find a very similar temple and are soon caught in the middle of another “ritual” with five young Predators and a bunch of nasty Aliens.

Anderson tells us there is plenty of knock down action, alien & predator deaths to keep everyone happy. He mentioned that he is the biggest Alien & Predator freak in the world, that he’s seen them more than anyone and knows everything there is to know about the films. From what we saw (a video montage of clips from all the predator & alien films) this looks to be the best fan favorite team up since Freddy vs. Jason…

On a related note, director Sandy Collora was on hand to show BATMAN: Dead End… the crowd loved it and went nuts!

Source: J-MAN