Marvel Debuts the First Trailer For I Am Groot

In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films, Groot is a hero of few words. Three to be precise. But Vin Diesel always seems to get the most out of them. And next month, Disney+ is throwing the spotlight on Baby Groot in a series of five animated shorts. As part of the Marvel Studios animation panel at Comic-Con, we now have the first trailer for I Am Groot.

In the clip, Baby Groot inadvertently finds himself in a one-sided war with tiny aliens that mistake him as a threat. However, that experience also seems to teach him to embrace who and what he is. He also appears to experiment with his fashion sense.

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Bradley Cooper will also reprise his role as Rocket for the series, but the shorts are not necessarily tied to MCU continuity. Instead, they’re just fun little adventures.

I Am Groot will begin streaming on Disney+ on August 10.

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