Hot Toys Unleashes The Mandalorian’s Dark Troopers

Everyone’s talking about Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett showing up for the climax of The Mandalorian season 2. But not enough are talking about how great it is to finally see Dark Troopers in live action. Initially introduced as the MacGuffin/final boss in Dark Forces, the original Star Wars first-person shooter game, they also appeared in the very first lineup of Kenner Expanded Universe figures. Their game origin is now decanonized as a legend, but Moff Gideon brough them back spectacularly. Din Djarin barely survived fighting one. Grogu’s Force powers weren’t enough to repel them. But an entire squad proved no match for the galaxy’s greatest Jedi master.

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Hot Toys‘ version features an original sculpt complete with LED light-up features and special armor paint. Accessories include multiple hands, a blaster rifle, and multiple hands. The company has yet to announce a price, but expect it to be higher than usual. Unless you have an unlimited Imperial credit line, start saving that beskar.

From what audiences saw onscreen, the Dark Troopers all got destroyed. But don’t count them out yet. The intimidating robot enforcers proved mostly effective, and absolutely intimidating. Gideon would be foolish to just give up on using them altogether.

Will you save up to score Dark Troopers of your own? Check out more photos below, and let us know in comments.

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