Super7 ThunderCats Complete the Core Four With Cheetara in Wave 3

Super7 ThunderCats Complete Core Four With Cheetara in Wave 3

Super7 haven’t shipped their first two waves of ThunderCats Ultimates yet, but they’ve already put wave 3 up for preorder. Clearly the company is bullish on the vintage license, which fans waited a long time for them to obtain. Each wave has generally mixed three fan favorites with a more obscure character, and this one is no different. Robot pirate Captain Cracker is the odd man out this time. Original mutant Slithe, a.k.a. S-S-Slithe, and ghostly mentor Jaga are key supporting characters. The main attraction, however, is Cheetara, the lone adult female ‘Cat. Many a young male fan in the ’80s felt the onset of adolescence watching the leotard-wearing cat-athlete trounce foes with her bo.

Super7 makes the figures to order, so preordering becomes essential in order to score any or all of these characters. Each one runs $45 and can be reserved through April 30th. All Ultimates come with multiple accessories including at least one alternate head (Jaga has two). Captain Cracker’s parrot even gets alternate wings. Jaga holds extra Swords of Omens and includes a cloth cape. And though Jaga and Cheetara utilize existing Masters of the Universe base bodies, Slithe and Captain Cracker appear to be all-new sculpts.

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Pro-tip: save on shipping by preordering at sites like Entertainment Earth or BigBadToyStore. They charge a bit less than Super7 does for direct delivery, and should arrive around the same time.

Take a look at all four figures and their pack-ins in the gallery below. Will you be “on the move” to snap any of them up? Let loose in comments below and let us know!