Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living Arrives in Super7’s ThunderCats Wave 2

“Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form…to Mumm-Ra the ever-living!” Super7‘s first wave of ThunderCats classics figures gave us the decayed form of Mumm-Ra, the evil mummified being who opposes the cats. Wave two boasts the transformed, ever-living warrior form of Mumm-Ra, significantly larger than the other figures. Sporting a cape (not pictured), multiple weapons, alternate head and his bulldog Ma-Mutt, this makes the first 7-inch scale figure of the classic ’80s villain in many years.

Mumm-Ra isn’t the only core character. Tygra, the healer, makes his debut in classics style, making three out of the four primary ThunderCats now available. If we get to series 3, Cheetara will surely be the anchor figure. Parceling out key characters seems smart for line longevity. We’re totally holding out for a Safari Joe figure, but you may not be. Everyone loves Monkian, though.

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Rounding out the wave we get Pumyra, previously made by Mattel but resized to be more in scale with the others. And Grune the Destroyer, with two different chest pieces, depending on whether you wish to display him as an official ThunderCat or not.

Mattel already sculpted a Jaga prototype, so it can’t be too long before we get the spiritual leader. But because these figures are made to order and take about a year to make, quite a backlog is building up already.

Wave 2 goes up for preorder on Monday. Will you be reserving any of these characters for your own collection? Let us know in comments below.