Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 3 Trailer Reveals Longtime Marvel Villain

We are just a few days away from the release of the third and final season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Netflix has now released the first full trailer, revealing that Gregory Salinger is the one who tries to expose Jessica Jones as a cheater and a fraud. The trailer opens with the presentation of the classic Marvel villain, who will lock horns with the damaged private detective in the upcoming season.

“You can’t control yourself,” Salinger says to Jessica. “You have no discipline, just brute force,” he adds. Then, when Jessica ask him what he wants, he chillingly replies: “I want you to die.”

Additionally, we got a glimpse of Trish Walker in action as Hellcat, and the revelation that Jeri Hogarth is the one responsible for getting Salinger out of prison.

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Created by Steve Gerber and Jim Mooney, Greg Salinger made his first appearance in Omega the Unknown #9. With Ross G. Everbest out of the picture, Salinger took over as the second ruthless serial killer Foolkiller. He doesn’t have any particular super-powers, but he is nevertheless dangerous thanks to his super intelligence and his deep studies of human psychology. He has faced the Defenders and Spider-Man, among other Marvel heroes.

You can catch the third season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones starting June 14 only on Netflix. Check the Jessica Jones season 3 trailer out in the player below. Then let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section.