Fox May Release Kingsman 3 In Late 2019

Kingsman: The Golden Circle arrived in theaters last year, and it wasn’t quite as successful as the first Kingsman film. But that may not slow down the burgeoning franchise. A new report suggests that Kingsman 3 is not only happening, it’s coming next year. A pretty neat trick considering that the movie hasn’t even begun filming!

Exhibitor Relations was the first outlet to report on the third Kingsman, in the following tweet.

IGN followed up that report with confirmation that Matthew Vaughn will return to write and direct the third installment of Kingsman. However, 20th Century Fox has yet to issue an official statement as of press time. The first Kingsman movie was based upon The Secret Service, a comic book created by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. Millar and Vaughn previously collaborated on the two Kick-Ass movies before bringing Kingsman to the big screen.

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At the end of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Taron Egerton’s Eggsy married a Crown Princess of Sweden, Harry (Colin Firth) was officially back in the fold, and Tequila (Channing Tatum) joined the Kingsman. It’s unclear whether all three will return for the sequel, or if Tequila’s former Statesman partners, Ginger Ale (Halle Berry) and Champ (Jeff Bridges) will come back as well.

Even if Kingsman 3 is a go for November 8, 2019, it suggests that the sequel will need an accelerated production to meet that date. It could begin filming as soon as this year, but an early 2019 start seems more likely.

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