Heroes Reborn Will Not Continue After the Mini-Series Concludes

Since debuting in September, the NBC revival series Heroes Reborn has struggled both critically and ratings-wise, so it comes as little surprise that NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt has told The Hollywood Reporter that there are no plans to delve further into Tim Kring’s universe once the show concludes on January 21.

“That was always the plan, unless Tim woke up one day and said, ‘Oh, I have another chapter to tell.’ But I think we’re coming to the end of the world, maybe. Stay tuned,” Greenblatt said.

When pressed about series creator Kring’s previous statements about there being multiple ways to reboot the franchise into future reboots and spin-offs, Greenblatt denied the possibility.

“He didn’t say that to me, so I haven’t heard that… As far as I know, there’s no more incarnations of ‘Heroes’ coming,” Greenblatt said.

Heroes Reborn features returning cast members Jack Coleman as H.R.G., Jimmy Jean-Louis as The Haitian, Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura, and Greg Grunberg as Matt Parkman. The cast also includes Zachary Levi (of NBC’s “Chuck” and Thor: The Dark World) along with Robbie Kay (“Once Upon a Time”), Danika Yarosh (“Shameless”), Judith Shekoni (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2), Kiki Sukezane (Death Yankee 3), Henry Zebrowski (NBC’s “A to Z”), Gatlin Green (“Criminal Minds”), Ryan Guzman (The Boy Next Door), Sendhil Ramamurthy and Rya Kihlstedt (“Masters of Sex”).

The revival begins a year after a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas left the city decimated. Blamed for the tragic event, those with extraordinary abilities are in hiding or on the run from those with nefarious motives. Two such vigilantes include Luke (Levi) and Joanne (Shekoni), who are seeking to avenge a tragic loss. Noah Bennet, aka HRG (Coleman), has gone off the grid, but conspiracy theorist Quentin Frady (Zebrowski) finds him and opens his eyes to the truth behind the Odessa tragedy.

Tim Kring serves as writer and executive producer. Peter Elkoff and James Middleton also executive produce. Heroes Reborn is produced by Universal Television, Imperative Entertainment and Tailwind Productions. Heroes Reborn has two episodes remaining in its 13-episode run, with “Company Woman” airing tomorrow, January 14 at 8 p.m. EST, and then the series finale “Project Reborn” airing January 21.