Star Trek Beyond Trailer to Arrive with Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Star Trek Beyond trailer is set to arrive before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in theaters December 18

Arguably the two most popular entries in the science fiction genre, Star Trek and Star Wars will be coming together in theaters December 18. According to a story today at The Hollywood Reporter, the Star Trek Beyond trailer will debut before screenings of J.J. Abrams’ much-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Of course, Abrams directed the last two Star Trek feature films and his Bad Robot is producing Star Trek Beyond.

The same trade article also suggests that The Force Awakens will deliver trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeThe Huntsman: Winter’s WarIndependence Day Resurgence and X-Men: Apocalypse. Other potential candidates include The Jungle BookCaptain America: Civil War and Finding Dory.

Star Trek Beyond is set to feature the return of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin and John Cho along with new roles for Idris Elba, Sofia Boutella and Joe Taslim. Abrams, who directed the last two films, is producing the third film in the rebooted franchise with four time Fast and Furious franchise helmer Justin Lin directing from a script by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung.

Star Trek Beyond will hit regular theaters and IMAX on July 22, 2016. That’s just over a month before the franchise celebrates its 50th anniversary. Although it wasn’t the first episode produced, “The Man Trap” was the first Star Trek episode to be broadcast and it hit network television September 8, 1966.

Which trailer are you most excited to see before The Force Awakens? Is there anything special you want to see revealed in the Star Trek Beyond trailer? Let us know in the comments below!