The Full Marvel Comics October 2015 Solicitations

Secret Wars comes to a close as an “All-New, All-Different” age begins in the Marvel Comics October 2015 solicitations!

The full Marvel Comics October 2015 solicitations have been released, and in the gallery viewer below, you can now check out all the artwork, synopses and product images for more than 100 different upcoming releases!

As most readers are probably already aware, the Marvel Multiverse as we know it is no more! Now, all that remains is Battleworld, a massive patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exist, maintained by the iron will of its God and master: Victor von Doom!

While Secret Wars winds down and an “all-new, all-different” Marvel begins to launch, Marvel’s October slate also offers up two distinct series of variant covers: one celebrating Hip-Hop culture and another featuring 26 different Jack Kirby monsters.

“For years, Marvel Comics and Hip-Hop culture have been engaged in an ongoing dialog,” Marvel EIC Axel Alonso said of the former. “Beginning this October, we will shine a spotlight on the seamless relationship between those two unique forces.”

“For me, Jack Kirby represents a huge part of what got me into comics,” says eidr Editor Jon Moisan of the latter. “I grew up reading old Silver Age reprints, so Jack Kirby’s art has been permanently burned into my brain and still gets me excited to this day. And being able to work on the monsters he created is icing on the cake. I’m a huge monster nut, so being able to go to my favorite artists and tell them, ‘Hey, wanna draw a Kirby monster?’ is absolutely nutso fun.”

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