Pacific Rim: Tales from The Drift Cover Art Released

Pacific Rim: Tales from The Drift Cover Art Released

A little over a year ago, Guillermo del Toro surprised fans around the world by announcing not only the development of Pacific Rim 2 but also a companion animated series and an extension of the franchise’s comic book line. Earlier this year, Legendary Comics announced the first of these with Pacific Rim: Tales from The Drift from writer Joshua Fialkov (The Bunker, I, Vampire, Doctor Who) and art by Marcos Marz (Batman Confidential, Blackest Night: JSA). Now, the variant cover for the first issue by artist Whilce Portacio, (Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man, Spawn) has been released online and can be viewed below.

Following the best-selling graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, Legendary takes you back to the frontlines of a larger-than-life battleground with Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift, the official new comic series presented by director Guillermo del Toro and Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham. Prepare to do battle with all-new Kaiju creatures in this thrilling continuation of the Pacific Rim universe.

The four issue series will debut in November of this year while Pacific Rim 2 is currently set for release on August 4, 2017.

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