Toy Fair: What Hasbro Has Coming Up for Transformers

The concept of “Combiner Wars” is that a lot of the separate Transformers Generation figures can be combined into larger figures with a number of different lines and scales with the likes of Autobots Superion and Defensor and Decepticon Menosar being buildable via the different waves. The Deluxe assortment consists of a number of Protectobot robots and vehicles, but the real standout though is the new Devastator, which combines six Voyager Scale Constructicons into the Decepticon’s largest weapon, which will be available for $149.99 in the fall. 

Besides introducing a gigantic 19″ Super Bumblebee and a 11″ tall Mega Optimus Prime, they’re also bringing back Mini-Con figures as part of the “Robots in Disguise” line since they’ll play a large part in the second half of the upcoming show. Mini-Cons will be available in single packs, but they’ll also be available attached to larger Mini-Con Deployers including Autobot Drift and Decepticon Fracture.