Stranger Things x Transformers Bring Us a Robot Pizza Van

In the new and emerging universe of toy company crossovers, Stranger Things has already mixed it up with Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles, while Transformers has crossed over with iconic vehicles from the likes of Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Top Gun, and Jurassic Park. Later this year, the twain shall meet. Autobot Code Red will convert into the Surfer Boy Pizza van.

Pizza Planet

Ironically, the Ninja Turtles would seem most likely to appreciate such a collaboration. A robot who kicks ass and delivers pizza? Tubular, dudes. Ostensibly, though, the reason for the choice is that, per press release from Hasbro, “Transformers robots have always been More Than Meets the Eye. Now fans can experience Transformers characters as they mash-up with iconic characters who share this same quality.” It’s true that the pizza van does get up to some things a normal pizza van wouldn’t ever do. And it’s cool that Volkswagen officially signed off on the van design. Remember when fans thought Volkswagen wouldn’t let Hasbro make Bumblebee a Beetle any more?

Also per the press release, “Code Red 6.5-inch figure converts from robot to Surfer Boy pizza van mode in 16 steps, featuring screen-accurate deco and details. You can count on Code Red to deliver your food – or firepower – in 30 minutes or less. This pack comes with show-inspired accessories including a bat, axe, Surfer Boy pizza blaster, pizza box, and blast effect accessories. Packaging is designed to look like a pizza box based on the Surfer Boy pizza from the show.” Expect a price point of $44.99, and delivery in late 2023.

Take a look at the images below and see if you think the combination looks tasty, or like a case of a designer with too much of the munchies. How about a Decepticon Demogorgon next?