Toy Fair: Check Out More of Hasbro’s Marvel Toys

They’re continuing their line of Super Hero Mashers (which has also been transferred over to their Star Wars and Jurassic World lines) with new figures of The Winter Soldier, Rocket Raccoon and more.

Marvel 500 is a line of 2″ mini-figures based on Marvel’s most popular characters that are given away randomly in a closed bag and while Wave 1 will eventually have 75 figures, Hasbro is suggesting that the name of the line might have something to do with the number of figures they’ll eventually release.

Some of the cool characters coming to the Legends and Infinity lines include bad guys like the Grim Reaper, Tiger Shark, Blizzard and Bulldozer, but also lots of great female characters including Misty Knight, White Tiger, Emma Frost, Hellcat, the Wasp, Thundra, Scarlet Witch and Valkyrie. There’s also a very cool new Doctor Strange on the way. 

Wave 2 of the Spider-Man Legend Infinity series includes Chameleon (with swappable heads for J. Jonah Jameson & Hammerhead) as well as Ghost Rider and it will have a build-a-figure for Rhino. The next wave will have a build-a-figure for the Hulkbuster armor.

New Titan figures include larger-scale version of the Falcon and Hawkeye (both from the comics).

You can see all of the items we mentioned and more in the gallery below, and while that’s all we have from Hasbro for now, you can look for our photos of their new Star Wars and Transformers toys shortly.