The Wolverine Sequel to Film After X-Men: Apocalypse

Filmmaker James Mangold has already committed to writing a sequel to The Wolverine although Jackman has been less committal, having played the character now for over 15 years and really wanting to make sure that there’s a reason to do another solo movie. (Wolverine plays a big part in Singer’s upcoming movie but there’s no word whether he’ll appear in “Apocalypse.”)

Regardless of whether they’ll need to recast or Jackman will come around when  20th Century Fox gives him however much money he wants, someone on Twitter was curious enough to ask James Mangold when we might see the sequel and oddly enough, Mangold responded on his Twitter feed, a response you can see below:

So there you have it. Since they haven’t even started filming “Apocalypse” yet and probably won’t start until early next year, we probably won’t be seeing another solo Wolverine movie until 2017 or later. But will it star Hugh Jackman in the title role or will a new actor be brought in to play Logan? Only time will tell…

(Thanks to ScreenRant for drawing our attention to Mangold’s tweet.)