J.K. Simmons Joins Terminator: Genesis

The reboot of the franchise being produced by Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions will bring back Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role with Jai Courtney playing Kyle Reese, Jason Clarke as John Connor and “Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke playing Sarah Connor. The idea is to thread together ideas from the previous movies to relaunch the story of a cyborg from the future sent back to prevent computers from gaining sentience and turning on humanity.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Simmons’ character has been following the case since 1984, which is the year in which the original Terminator, directed by James Cameron, was released.

Simmons has been a regular on the big screen for many years, but he recently returned to television starring in NBC’s comedy “Growing Up Fisher” and recently co-starred in the Sundance award-winning drama Whiplash opposite Miles Teller, which will be released by Sony Pictures Classics. He can also be seen daily on TV in commercials for Farmers Insurance.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)