Nick Offerman Talks Super Hero Roles He’d Like to Play

“I hope I get to do something as Teddy Roosevelt; he’s a character I greatly admire. But I’ve always gravitated toward Ben Grimm, The Thing of the Fantastic Four. The most great superheroes I think too highly of to dishonor them by casting myself in their shoes. I tend to prefer the more modern teams of misfits….These days, I love the lead character of The Boys – I’m blanking on the name – Butcher! That’s it.”

Offerman also remembered about how he auditioned for the first X-Men film as, you guessed it, Wolverine!
“You know actually, I auditioned for Wolverine when Bryan Singer made the first X-Men movie. I went on tape reading for that role. I always felt when I was younger, I could have taken a good crack at Wolverine.”
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