Vin Diesel Continues to Tease Marvel Role, is He Thanos?

Vin Diesel has been the subject of Marvel casting rumors for a while, and he confirmed this weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con that an announcement would be coming at the end of the month regarding his role. This, of course, has spurred even more speculation about which character Diesel would be playing, but when talking about it with Entertainment Weekly, Diesel might have put out enough clues to figure it out.

“I could tell you that Marvel was excited about bringing a different kind of relationship or love story, I guess kind of inspired from the Dom-Letty relationship (from Fast & The Furious), into the Marvel universe.”

This leaves us with a few options, but the most likely of them is that Diesel will be playing Thanos, and this love story refers to his “relationship” with Death. No one ever said it would be cute relationship. 

What do you think? Is Diesel playing The Mad Titan? Sound off below!