Comic-Con: Warner Bros. and Legendary Panel Sneaks Warcraft Movie Teaser

Here is Silas Lesnick’s description of the footage shown:
“A strange, alien desert with a growing green sky…
A storm is coming in.
A knight is standing there. He draws his sword…
There’s a discarded suit of armor. He takes the shield from a skeleton…
It’s World of Warcraft!
He’s gearing up. Creatures are coming over the hills. We follow a camera on an Orc as it moves to take, moving faster and faster….
Just as the Orc’s blade comes down, it cuts to the logo!”
He then added a few more comments in’s live blog which is ongoing and will be posted as text soon.
“It looks GREAT. Very gritty and realistic. World of Warcraft is live action, btw, for those asking.”
Duncan Jones then came out briefly and after asking if he could get something out of his system, he screamed like a fanboy and said, “I know how lucky I am and I’m so, so excited to do it.” He also mentioned that the footage shown was a “mood piece” with official shooting to start early next year. You can read the rest of the live blog, including 300: Rise of an Empire and Edge of Tomorrow, by clicking here.