Comic-Con: Marc Webb Teases The Sinister Six!

Originally, Doctor Octopus gathered all the baddies together with the intention of crushing Spider-Man once and for all. Since Ock hasn’t appeared, or even been mentioned, for this new film series many fans have pointed to the “dying” Norman Osborn as the potential leader for the group. Seems that may not be the case.

When speaking with Crave Online, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb hinted at a very obscure villain to keep our eye on.

“What about The Gentleman? Think about the Gentleman,” he said. “I’m just saying. Put that in your… There’s your little tidbit. Think about The Gentleman.”

The Gentleman first appeared in the novel Spider-Man: The Gathering of the Sinister Six, in which he forms the Sinister Six as a way to destroy Peter. According to the canon of the novel, Peter’s parents had something to do with the death of The Gentleman’s brother and he creates the group to kill Spider-Man.

What do you think of these possibilities? Is Marc Webb pulling our legs or will we actually see The Gentleman in future Spider-Man films?