Comics: Is Marvel Teasing a Line Wide Reboot? Again?

Marvel has been teasing a lot of new comics these past few months and their latest two teases seem to suggest they’re wiping the slate clean and starting over, or are they just making fun of their Distinguished Competition?

The first teaser came yesterday with the caption, “Marvel #1 Begin with the best super heroes in comics–Marvel does it FIRST!! HUGE story coming soon to fans, worldwide.” and by our guess, it would suggest all new #1s for characters (though all the names listed in the photo are currently in comics that have already begun).

The second teaser was released today features 52 tally marks (a knock at DC’s New 52) with the caption: “COUNT ON MARVEL TO ALWAYS DELIVER! Cuts above the rest…”

Now, we don’t think that Marvel is releasing these images just to trash talk DC, but we also have our doubts Marvel is planning on rebooting all of their continuity just months after starting their Marvel NOW! initiative. What do you think is going on here?