Comics: Lance Henriksen’s To Hell You Ride Coming in December

Dark Horse Comics will be releasing the first issue of actor Lance Henrickson’s new comic book, To Hell You Ride: White Man’s Guilt, this December. The five issue mini-series is co-written by Lance Henriksen and Joseph Maddrey with graphic illustrator Tom Mandrake.

“Dark Horse Comics took a chance on a handshake,” said Henrickson, “A year and a half later we are closing in on the fifth issue of To Hell Your Ride. We have channeled the whole adventure, sharing the work load between Tom Mandrake, Joseph Maddrey and myself. I have never been more excited about revealing my work to an audience.”
To Hell You Ride: White Man’s Guilt tells the story of a ritual from the past that presents itself in modern day. The story begins in Colorado in the winter of 1881 where a violent ceremony has been unleashed.  The tale flashes to present day with the advent of Two-Dogs, a drifting Native American about to embark on his greatest life or death challenge.
Issue #1 hits stores December 12. Will you be picking it up?