Comics: Wolverine Getting Another Marvel NOW! series?

When Marvel NOW! was announced, it was said that between November of 2012 and February of 2013 you would be able to go to a comic book store every Wednesday and pick up a brand new number one issue of a comic series. Now it seems that the timeline has been extended.

The latest teaser for a Marvel NOW! comic comes from iFanboy and there are two things of interest here. First, the release date is March 2013 suggesting the time line for Marvel NOW! has been extended, and also this teaser can only be about one character, Wolverine.

Wolverine already has one title on the Marvel NOW! slate, The Savage Wolverine by Frank Cho, and it appears he’s getting a second title from writer Paul Cornell and artist Alan Davis.

This could all be misdirection and the title might actually be about Daken or X-23. Check back next week when the title is officially announced.