The Goon Kickstarter is a Success!

The purpose for the Kickstarter was for the creation of a story reel, an animated story board with voice actors, sound effects, and music added on. This story reel will span the entire film and gives potential investors for the actual movie a better idea of what Fincher and Blur studios want to make. The campaign was successfully funded yesterday with $441,900 pledged and donated by over 7500 backers, some donating as much as $10,000. The studio has broken down what will happen with the funds for the project in a graph (seen below).

Creator Eric Powell took to Twitter after the funding was reached to thank fans: “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys. Thanks for pushing us to do a kickstarter and thanks for pushing it! Won a major battle, Goon fans. To win the war we still have to sell the film.” We certainly hope you win that war Mr. Powell.

The film would see Clancy Brown playing The Goon with Paul Giamatti as his friend Frankie. The Goon follows the adventures of a muscle-bound brawler who claims to be the primary enforcer for a feared mobster. The stories have a paranormal and comedic edge to them and concern ghosts, zombies, bog lurks, mad scientists and “skunk apes.”