Natural Six Dungeons & Dragons actual place series cast.

The Witcher’s Doug Cockle Headlines New Dungeons & Dragons Series on Kickstarter

A new Dungeons & Dragons actual play series hopes to go live in 2024 — with some major voice acting talent among the cast.

Actor Doug Cockle, the famed voice of Geralt in The Witcher video game series, will co-star in Natural Six. Cockle’s fellow players include Benn Starr (Final Fantasy XVI), Alex Jordon (Cyberpunk 2077, Baldur’s Gate 3), former PlayStation Access presenter Hollie Bennett, and Eurogamer reporter Aoife Wilson. Xenoblade Chronicles’ Harry McEntire will lead the party as Dungeon Master. Per Eurogamer, the group will introduce themselves with a live show at EGX 2023 in London this Friday, October 13.

A Kickstarter campaign for the Dungeons & Dragons actual play series goes live on Monday October 16. “Natural Six are six friends who really, really want to play D&D together, and they want to take you along for the ride!” the trailer‘s description reads. “More specifically, Natural Six are performers and personalities from the video games industry, with a wealth of imagination between them and a LOT of stories to share. They’re now on the cusp of a brand new adventure — a D&D actual play show.” The team hopes to fund a 10 episodes series to air sometime in 2024.

What is a D&D Actual Play series?

Natural Six seeks to follow in the footsteps of popular D&D actual play series like Critical Role, Dimension 20, and The Adventure Zone. In a D&D actual play series, players film their D&D campaign, which plays out in a manner akin to live theater. In recent years, such shows have gained massive popularity, especially those featuring prominent voice actors. They have also been credited with aiding tabletop role-playing’s recent surge in popularity. However, some actual play series have also been accused of creating unrealistic expectations for new players.

Natural Six premieres with a live show on October 13 at EGX 2023. Its Kickstarter to fund a 10-episode series goes live on October 16.