Fight Girls Wraparound Cover cropped
(Image Credit: AWA Studios)

AWA and Frank Cho Kickstarting Deluxe Director’s Cut Edition of Fight Girls

Comic book creator Frank Cho and publisher AWA Studios have launched a Kickstarter campaign, which seeks to fund a Deluxe Director’s Cut Edition of Cho’s Fight Girls.

What is Fight Girls?

Originally published as a five-issue miniseries in 2022, Fight Girls is a sexy, sci-fi romp in the same vein as Barbarella. The action centers around ten powerful women. Pulled from across the universe, these futuristic amazons are to be tested with four trials. Facing harsh jungles and dangerous beasts, only one may survive to be the new Queen of the Galaxy.

Fight Girls Jungle Trial

Written and drawn by Frank Cho, Fight Girls also featured the colors of Sabine Rich and lettering by Sal Cipriano. A free preview of the first issue is available on the AWA website.

Why a Deluxe Director’s Cut Edition?

Frank Cho explained the rationale for the new edition of Fight Girls in the press release for the Kickstarter. “After looking over the Fight Girls art files and my original unedited script, I forgot how many story ideas I left out of the original story during the drawing process,” Cho explained. “I’m so happy the fans love this story as much as I do, and grateful for the opportunity to revisit the story’s origins with this Deluxe Edition.”

AWA Studios Chief Creative Officer Axel Alonso echoed Frank Cho’s claims of a fan demand for more Fight Girls. “Fight Girls continues to be one of our best-selling and most popular AWA titles, so we weren’t surprised by the demand from fans to get more of the series ever since it launched,” Alonso enthused. “Frank Cho is a master of his craft and has had the reins on this project from the beginning. We’re confident fans will love what the Deluxe Director’s Cut will offer.”

The 160 page Deluxe Director’s Cut Edition of Fight Girls will feature 12 new pages of story. The book will also feature a new wraparound cover by Frank Cho, and backmatter pages on the making of Fight Girls.