Comics: IDW Launches IDW Limited Branch

IDW Publishing (the home of some of our favorite comics) has announced the creation of their new IDW Limited division that will produce “high-end, collectible editions of their wide catalog of books. IDW Limited books will feature unique elements like original sketches and creator signatures on luxuriously designed packaging not available anywhere else. These top-of-the-line rarities will aim to enhance and expand existing books, providing beautiful reading and collecting experiences fans will be proud to display on their shelves.”

The first series available in this format is volume one of their relaunch of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 1: Change is Constant.” The limited edition books will be available in three different ‘tiers’ that each have very low quantities available:

Each print run is hand-numbered and strictly limited. All three tiers include a signature plate signed by the books creators. In addition to signatures, collectors can expect the following:

  • Red Label Edition is limited to 175 copies, features a custom cover, is housed in a limited edition slipcase and paired with an artist’s portfolio containing a unique, spot-color sketch of one of the Ninja Turtles done by series artist Dan Duncan.
  • Black Label Edition is limited to 25 copies featuring the IDW Limited custom cover and is housed in a hand built traycase, along with an artist’s portfolio containing a multi-color illustration of two classic TMNT characters by series artist Dan Duncan.
  • Blue Label Edition, the rarest tier being offered, is limited to only 10 copies!  For this special version, series artist Dan Duncan will be creating full color illustrations of the entire Turtle team in action. Each book is packaged with the IDW Limited cover inside a hand built tray case.

 “We wanted to give fans a top-of-the-line creative experience with the books they love in a truly special format,” said Jerry Bennington the Director of IDW Limited, “these rare editions will not only be special and limited in quantity, they’ll also include unique content found nowhere else. This may be the only way most fans could ever hope to own a signature, sketch or illustration from one of their favorite artists or creators.”

You can purchase your own copy of these very rare editions by clicking here and look back here for any future limited editions produced by IDW which they say will include Transformers and GI JOE.