Comics: A New Marvel NOW! Teaser

Last month, Marvel rolled out a lot of teaser images for their upcoming Marvel NOW! relaunch. Captain America had the ‘soldier’ teaser, Thor had ‘Worthy,’ Deadpool had ‘Chimichangas’, all very approporiate teaser words. The latest one comes from Newsarama – have a look at it yourself below!

Writer Daniel Way and artist Steve Dillon will be bringing this comic to life in December, but who is the tease for? We’re going to side with Newsarama on this and say it’s for the Thunderbolts. For those unaware, the Thunderbolts are a group of either reformed bad guys in the Marvel U or Anti-heroes that have teamed up.

While the Thunderbolts had their own series just a few months ago, it was recently changed to Dark Avengers which would give way to a reboot of the series.

But how do we know it’s the Thunderbolts? Well, I’m glad you asked. Writer Daniel Way confirmed to Newsarama that he would be writing a team book as a part of Marvel NOW! And what gives with the crosshairs? Could be Deadpool considering Way has been with the character for a long time or it could be the Punisher which current writer Greg Rucka told IGN would be joining a team book in the coming months. 

Only time wil tell, what do you think?